christian jewelery bible bangles
christian jewelery bible bangles christian jewelery bible bangles christian jewelery bible bangles
christian jewelery bible bangles


I feel blessed to have been raised in a loving home where bible stories, scripture words, and God were part of our every day life.

In the winter of 2004 my talented niece, Jacklyne, qualified to perform on a major talent search show. I wanted to give her a bracelet with meaningful scripture on it as a tangible reminder that she was not alone. I searched in vain for a beautiful bracelet inscribed with Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Since I could not find such an item I bought a silver bangle and had it engraved. The engraving alone was $50.00.

I sat next to Jacklyne’s youngest brother, Nicholas, as our entire family gathered to watch her national television appearance. His whispered prayer brought tears to my eyes,” Dear Jesus, walk with Jacklyne, make her strong.” He didn’t know that she was wearing a bracelet with the same sentiment and that our mutual prayer for Jacklyne was for strength rather than a specific outcome. Jacklyne won the first portion of the competition but unfortunately was not chosen for the finals. She touched her bangle during the judges’ comments while remaining poised and confident.

Since making that bangle for Jacklyne, there have been numerous occasions when I wanted to give a scripture inscribed bracelet. To my dear friend Gilda on her Baptism, to my friend’s son as he went off to Iraq to serve our country, to my dear friend going through chemotherapy, to my brother’s wedding party, for graduations, birthdays and for no special reason at all. I also wanted one for my self!

We don’t need a special occasion to wear the wisdom contained in our Holy Scriptures. Therefore I decided to create Bible Bangles. Luckily, Jacklyne’s father Chris is in the jewelry business. In fact, his family has been in the business for three generations. His guidance, experience and involvement made this venture possible.

I am grateful to my entire family for their enthusiastic support. Kindly indulge me as I say thank-you; to my husband Jeffrey and our two daughters, Veronica and Gabriela, who proudly support every thing I do; to my sister , my best friend and trusted consultant; to my brother Alex for his dedication and his invaluable help in technical support and artistic design; to my brothers, their wives and my eight nieces and nephews. Each of my family members is an inspiration and a blessing.

I am most grateful to my mother, who gave us the greatest gift on earth - FAITH! Last but not least, I give thanks to my two fathers in Heaven; my beloved Papi who is always with me and my Heavenly Father, "My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” Ps.91:2

-- Jaqueline Baron

christian jewelery bible bangles